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We organise the best bachelor party in Krakow
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Best vodka flight in Krakow x
vodka tasting tour warsaw
GORZELNIAAabcdef scaled
Min. 4 people
Immerse in the world of Polish vodka with a sit-in tasting in Krakow, perfect for stag dos looking to explore the spirit's rich tradition.
From: 49€/person
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kayaking in nowa huta
Rear view of man riding kayak in river at sunset.
3 - 4 h
Max. 20 people
Kayak along the Vistula River in Krakow, paddling through history and urban landscapes, combining the thrill of adventure with scenic beauty.
From: 29€/person
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indoor go kart
Karting Championship. Driver in karts wearing helmet, racing suit participate in kart race. Karting show. Children, adult racers karting.
go karting
Max. 15 people
Fuel your Krakow stag do with exhilarating indoor go-karting, merging intense speed and competitive spirit on the track for an unforgettable experience.
From: 45€/person
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bike tour
Processed with VSCO with a preset
Rental bicycle pick-up station on city street in Krakow, Poland
Max. 25 people
Discover Krakow's historical wonders and breathtaking scenery on a bike tour, offering a perfect blend of leisure, exploration, and active fun for your stag do.
From: 33€/person
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instructor development
Man shooting with a gun at outdoor range
d scaled
1 - 2h
Up to 15 people
Get your adrenaline pumping with a shooting course in Krakow, Poland. Ideal for stag dos aiming for high-action and precision-focused experiences.
From: 45€/person
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segway tour
off road segway
A group of people on eco-friendly Segway scooters on a Spain historic street. Tourists enjoying electric scooters.
Max. 20 people
Experience Krakow uniquely on a Segway joy ride, gliding through historic streets and blending modern excitement with exploration for a memorable stag do.
From: 29€/person
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Barman pouring hard spirit into glasses in detail
Monika A
Tapas C
hands with glasses of vodka celebrating the traditional Russian holiday
Min. 4 people
Discover Krakow's vodka culture with a guided stag do tour across iconic bars, diving into the history and variety of Polish vodka.
From: 59€/person
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Axe Throwing
Man axe throwing at sports range, archery training or practice with board circle for action, game and fitness. Strong person with weapon for tomahawk competition, gaming and park or field with target
Target, focus and axe throwing with man in nature and aim for sports, training and tomahawk skills. Exercise, goal and hunting with athlete and hatchet in range for bullseye, ready and competition
1h 30min
1 - 30 people
Test your precision and skill with a thrilling axe-throwing experience in Krakow, the ultimate challenge for your stag do adventure.
From: 55€/person
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laser tag
laser tag game player shooting light gun science fiction vest in black light
laser tag
Min. 6 people
Dive into Krakow's laser tag excitement, offering the perfect blend of action-packed thrills and team strategy, tailor-made for memorable stag dos.
From: 25€/person
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krakow pub crawl
party on a pub crawl scaled
6 h
No limits
Immerse yourself in Krakow's vibrant nightlife with the ultimate bar crawl, offering a night full of endless fun and unforgettable encounters.
From: 29€/person
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party boat
krakow boat party with unlimited drinks
krakow boat party with unlimited drinks
No limits
Discover exclusive elegance on the Vistula River with Krakow's private boat party, perfectly tailored for unforgettable stag celebrations and luxury gatherings.
From: 390€/group
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party bus strippers
bachelor party bus and bad girls min
viva la party in benidorm party bus
1,5 h
Uo to 35 people
Spice up your Krakow stag do with a strip party bus, blending the luxury of exclusive travel with thrilling entertainment for a night to remember.
From: 550€/group
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cover photo
Up to 30 people
Take your Krakow stag to the next level with a party bus adventure, where the excitement is non-stop and every moment is unforgettable.
From: 550€/group
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cover photo
krakow party boat
boat party
No limits
Set sail on Krakow's public boat party for an exhilarating mix of scenic beauty and vibrant party atmosphere, creating an unforgettable adventure.
From: 55€/person
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strip club krakow
Man and stripper dancer in strip club.
Young groom watching sexy striptease dancer.
Min. 8 people
Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury and entertainment with VIP strip club entry in Krakow, elevating your stag to an unparalleled level of excitement.
From: 40€/person
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cover photo
Friends having party in a nightclub
control DJ for mixing music with blurred people dancing at party in nightclub
All night
Min 4 people
Transform your Krakow stag do into a glamorous affair with the ultimate party package at a premier Krakow club, ensuring a night of non-stop fun and elegance.
From: 55€/person
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About Krakow Stag Do

Welcome to Krakow Stag Do, your premier organizer for unforgettable stag weekends in the heart of Krakow. Established in 2014, our team is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences, leveraging our local expertise and passion for Krakow’s unique charm.

Our stag party packages are top-notch, featuring collaborations with the city’s finest clubs, ensuring a memorable celebration. Our diverse range of stag activities caters to all tastes, from thrilling adventures to relaxing experiences.

We understand the challenges of planning a trip in a new city, so we take care of all arrangements, including comfortable transfers and accommodation. Our commitment to service is evident in our 24/7 customer support and meticulous attention to detail.

Our mission is to deliver a stag-do experience in Krakow that’s unparalleled, leaving you with memories to cherish for years. Don’t hesitate, to contact us today to start planning your ultimate Krakow stag weekend.

13 Tips for an Unforgettable Krakow Stag Do

If you’re organizing a Krakow Stag Do, prepare for an adventure brimming with enjoyment and thrills. Here are 13 tips to ensure you have the ultimate stag do in Krakow:

Group of people enjoying a concert, image from back, silhouettes people dancing having fun festival

1. Book in Advance: Krakow is a popular destination; secure your plans early for the best deals and experiences.

2. Blend Nightlife with Day Activities: Enjoy Krakow’s vibrant nightlife, but also explore daytime adventures like city tours or outdoor activities.

3. Savor Polish Cuisine: Experience local culinary delights, from pierogi to kielbasa.

4. Explore Local Beverages: Sample Polish vodka and regional beers.

5. Travel Smart: Visit during shoulder seasons for fewer crowds and pleasant weather.

6. Stay Safe: Be cautious, especially at night. Keep valuables secure.

7. Discover Lesser-Known Areas: Explore beyond the main tourist spots for unique experiences.

8. Budget Wisely: Krakow offers value, but plan your budget to cover all activities.

9. Cherish the Moments: Enjoy the camaraderie and unique experiences with friends.

10. Experience Cultural Richness: Visit historical sites and cultural landmarks.

11. Enjoy Active Pursuits: Engage in activities like kayaking or biking for a different perspective.

12. Relax and Unwind: Include some downtime in your itinerary for relaxation.

13. Seek Local Insights: Use local knowledge to find hidden gems and authentic experiences.

Quick Krakow Stag Party Guide

When planning a stag do in Krakow, certain areas stand out as prime spots for an unforgettable celebration. Here’s a look at some of the top party areas in the city:

Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter): The epicentre of Krakow’s nightlife, Kazimierz is known for its vibrant atmosphere and unique bars. This historic district, with its mix of traditional and modern, offers a one-of-a-kind party experience with its lively streets and eclectic nightlife spots, making it a top choice for a night of fun.

Old Town (Stare Miasto): The heart of Krakow, Old Town is packed with a variety of chic bars, clubs, and restaurants. Its bustling nightlife is enhanced by the stunning architecture and cobbled streets, providing a picturesque setting for your stag do festivities.

Podgórze District: For a combination of history and modern entertainment, Podgórze is an excellent choice. While it’s more laid-back than other areas, it still offers numerous cozy bars and pubs, ideal for those seeking a more relaxed vibe in a historic setting.

Grzegórzki: Explore Grzegórzki for a more local experience, where you’ll find charming bars and eateries amidst residential buildings. It’s perfect for starting your evening with some authentic Polish cuisine before diving into the more energetic parts of the city.


Krakow's nightlife pulsates with energy, featuring bustling clubs and live music venues that offer unforgettable experiences and keep the party alive until the early hours.


Krakow's climate is perfect for year-round visits, with pleasant summers and snowy winters, adding charm to outdoor and indoor activities alike.


With its accessibility and budget-friendly options, Krakow is a cost-effective choice for stag dos, offering great value without compromising on experiences.


Indulge in Polish cuisine, famous for its hearty dishes and unique flavours, adding a gastronomic adventure to your stag do.


Krakow's skyline, dominated by Gothic and Renaissance buildings, adds a touch of historical elegance to your stay.


The friendly and welcoming nature of Krakow's residents enhances the city's lively atmosphere, making every outing more enjoyable.
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Our professional team has cherry-picked only the best experiences in Krakow, so you can have the best of times on your stag do.


We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.


Working without middlemen or agency fees, we are able to negotiate the best prices and provide you with great value for your money.


Our 24/7 customer support is where we show our passion, bringing you a better experience by making your well-being our number one priority.

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